Thursday, October 30, 2008

Jazz Game!

-the jazz bear's sign at the game
Those are my boys :) Boozer, Okur, Miles, and Price! GO FIGHT WIN!
(below) Okur getting around the "birdman"...scary looking dude

Lincoln and I went to the Jazz game wednesday 10-29. It was opening night of the 2008/09 basketball season. Their new motto is: "LIFE OFF--GAME ON" the game started off with the National Guard bringing out an American flag that covered the court. (very big) and Collin Raye sang the National Anthem. To announce the players, the lights were turned off and we all had our glowsticks (passed out when we walked into the arena). Then they had fire works going off in the building, very loud but very cool! Shot out of the ceiling were blue and silver streamers. Way fun way to start out the season. The give-away item was Jazz playing cards. It was a very tight game but the Jazz ended up on top! yay! 98-94 The last two minutes everyone was standing up and cheering.

The halftime show was the "skyriders"...two guys jumping on a trampoline...sounds weird but this is like a huge trampoline and they jump up to 25 feet high! and they do this through a hoola-hoop, with a snowboard or skiis on, or passing a ball back and forth, all while doing flips and twists! (like professional trampolining! ha ha)

These are the guys! ha ha found this pic online... check them out at

Tuesday night I went to Emily Evan's place to work on my wedding reception music CD! She has been asigned to making my mix! yay! She is way good with this kind of thing....Thanks EM! I'm having her research some fun songs...I want more up-to-date, up-beat songs although there are some classics worth playing :) My playlist, I added, has some of the songs we picked out...hope you enjoy what you hear because you are going to hear it again coming soon...November 15th!(scary close ha ha)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bridal Shower!

So I just had my bridal shower today. . . it was way fun! Alot of people showed up and we had a lot of fun. Aunt Cindy brought chicken salad (homemade) sandwiches along with some vegies, buttermints in cute tins, and yummy little deserts. Thanks aunt Cindy!

The bridal shower invites all had a different time of day for each person, so depending on what time you bring a gift that I would use at that time. It turned out to be a really fun idea. I got all different types of gifts! Once I get pictures downloaded I will put up pictures of all the fun stuff I got. Thanks everyone for all the exciting stuff!
I love this picture of us with our jazz jerseys on. We got engaged at a Jazz game....the jazz bear brought me a gorgeous boquet of flowers and gave me a dip kiss...then the best proposed in front of everyone (on his knee!). Our whole section around us stood up and cheered. It was the ultimate way to get engaged...loved it!
Lincoln's sexy car was so fun to take pictures in too. It was his idea and it turned out really fun!

We had our pics taken against this really fun grafitti

Friday, October 24, 2008

Creating my blog!

Lincoln's two loves of his life. . . his car & his girl

This is my very first post at my very first blog! I'm new at this so if it's not updated thats cuz i'm a little rusty at web stuff :) I'm getting wedding plans together and think this will be really fun to let people know how it is going! so i have 21 1/2 days left Yay! can't wait to marry my baby! love you lincoln! oh and thanks to Darla Roze for taking our engagement pictures. . . visit her blog for way fun pics of other cute people :)