Sunday, April 11, 2010

Organizing and Haircuts...

I bought this ribbon rack from Tiff Evans....her dad made her one and I just had to get one too! I put all my ribbon on it and got excited because I have three more rods to fill! ha ha Thanks Tiff for the cute storage idea.
I went to Ikea (if you haven't been you should) and saw these way fun magazine racks! I have been looking for something more stylish instead of stacking them in a pile, and this seemed to work :) I can't wait to have my own place so I won't have cream walls behind my awesome white magazine holders ha ha
Lincoln and I were in needs of haircuts. I think it had been since November the last time we got our hair done. I went with some bangs and highlights...I love it! I sent this pic to lincoln the day I got it done and decided it would be okay for the blog :)
This is Lincoln's buzz I did myself. Men have it easy...just buzz it off :)