Wednesday, March 24, 2010

School is almost Done!

Yesterday I went and talked with my advisor and found out that I will be graduating with a Bachelors in Accounting in just three semesters! I was so so excited so I went home and mapped out the next 1-1/2 years of my life up north :) Our plans after I finish school are to move back to Delta and hopefully get a job out at the powerplant in the accounting department. Yay! My grown up life is about to begin. This is what my schedule looks like...
Fall 2010
Acc 3010--intermediate accounting I
Acc 3300--cost accounting
Mgmt 3450--operations mgmt
Mgmt 3600--Principles of Marketing
---an elective of my choice
Spring 2011
Acc 3020--Intermediate accounting II
Acc 3510--Accounting Informations Systems
Acc 4110--Auditing
Mgmt 3890--Career Prep
Mgmt 495R--Executive Lecture Series
Fall 2011
Acc 4020--Advanced Financial Accounting
Acc 4420--Corporate Tax
Mgmt 4800--Strategic mgmt
Mgmt 4830--Strategic mgmt Capstone Simulation
--an elective of my choice

It will be tough but I'm ready to learn, learn, learn!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Cleaning

I went through my clothes today and pulled out those shirts, pants, shoes, etc...that don't fit. If anyone is interested in looking through them before I take them to DI, let me know :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dang Weather

So this is one of my new skirts I got from to wear it for one day in St. George! Yay! Then got back here and put on my coat :) Oh goodness. Come on summer...I'm ready! (by the way those aren't my legs...I will keep dreaming ha ha)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A week of experiences

*added to random g-ma thoughts
A lot has happened in this last week!
Thursday I drive to Fillmore after school, hop in the car with Lincoln and Russel (lincoln's coworker) and we all headed south. It was snowing from Fillmore to Beaver. As we are driving there is a little toyota truck that started fish-tailing on the slick road. Nuts! He was able to control the truck but I'm sure they peed a little :) Super Scarey. We dropped off Russel at his in-laws place and Lincoln and I headed to Mesquite. It was really fun to just hang out with my hubby. We needed a little time away but together (ha ha that was corney). We only lost about $100 so not too bad of a trip.

Friday morning we headed to St. George. Kati had her bridal shower that evening so until then, Lincoln and I just hung out and went shopping around. I walked into the hotel to check in (we had booked online) the lady said that our name wasn't in their system. So I showed them my receipt and they said, "this is Comfort Suites not Comfort Inn." Woops..wrong side of the freeway :) We did make it to the right hotel and it was a great room! Definitely would stay there again.

Kati's bridal shower was tons of fun! I got here a little candy jar full of "fun stuff" and she got a lot of other fun stuff from friends and family. Her little man is growing up so big! It was a blast seeing that whole family again. Love those guys!

Saturday was really windy and rained a little but that didn't stop us from going shopping! Kati and I hit the outlets and ate at Iggy's. I had such a fun time and love hanging out with Kati! Oh I wish you lived closer...or we lived closer :)

Sunday we headed home...Lincoln took Monday off, vacation from vacation is what he said. Silly man. I had a test that day so I spent the time studying. Lincoln left about ten that night and around ten thirty I get a call from him...He popped a tire and is stuck on the freeway, a mile away from the last Nephi exit. Oh man! I was so bummed for him and was glad to go rescue him. Thirty minutes later I was in Nephi pulling up behind the Challenger and two police vehicles. They were making sure everything was ok. After they took off we waited for the wrecker to come get our poor car :( and waited...and waited...then a phone call. Lincoln had told him the wrong exit so the wrecker had to backtrack. Woops. The wrecker showed up, loaded the car, took it to a tire place in Nephi, and about 12:30 we got a slurpee at 7-11 and headed back to Spanish Fork! It was definitely a long night but everything worked out.
Tuesdy, the next day, I had school till four. After, we headed to Nephi to get Lincoln's car...if anyone happened to notice, it snowed Tuesday...a lot! I had volleyball in Fillmore so we both headed. It was a 30-40 mph, one-lane freeway, covered in snow. Crazy ride home but we made it in one piece.
I wonder what this next week will bring....