Wednesday, March 30, 2011

not another headache...

Today I went to the doc because I keep having headaches along with tiredness and dizziness. When I lay down for bed at night I feel like I'm spinning. So I make sure that I'm really tired before I go to bed or else I can't get to sleep. After talking to a co-worker about how I have been feeling, she tells me that she had the same syptoms not too long ago and her's was an ear infection. So I made an appointment---got some antibiotics and dizzy pills and can't wait for all of this to be over. A fun thing that has come from all of this is that I got a "headache log app" on my phone :) Yes there is an app for that. So now everytime I have a headache I can log when it happens---syptoms, medication taken, etc---and it will help me figure out when I have the highest frequency of headaches (what time of day, what time of month, etc.) and then it also has the capability to email the results to my doc. Yay. I took an audit quiz today and now I can go lounge on the couch, drink some "choca--nook" (as Kaylin use to call it) and watch my DVRed DWTS, Biggest Loser, American Idol, and America's Next Top Model. Haha--DVR is awesome!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Moab Vacation

warning: this blog is FULL of pictures! I couldn't help it...for those of you that have been to Moab, it is Beautiful!
So Grandma Downard has a HUGE collection of these 8" dolls---somewhere between 1500 and 2000 of them! Oh but everyone is super cute and everytime I looked at them I found a new one I hadn't noticed before. Robyn and Becky spent most of their time organizing and rearranging the dolls. Grandma Downard got these new shelves to display all of them so they have been working on grouping them. Here are just a few pics.

On March 19th the moon was suppose to be 14% larger and 30% brighter than it has ever been in 19 years. I thought it was pretty neat and was looking forward to seeing it. I even looked up the time of the moonrise in Moab--8:06 p.m.--thanks to my new phone (droidx) I am able to look up fun facts whenever I feel the need :). Come Saturday night, it is cloudy! and we never got to see the moon! A dozen of us took a break from playing cards and stood outside in the wind for half an hour to see nothing ha ha. We could tell it was brighter even though we couldn't see it.
Now for all the pictures of Arches National Park! Oh I just love all these pics and couldn't not share a small portion of them with you :) Balanced Rock...
Kyler, Dewey, and Me
Lincoln humored me and took the picture as if he was holding it.
I believe this is the Organ
Tower of Babel
Three Gossips

Our late engagement picture in Moab :)
Park Avenue Viewpoint
Sheep Rock
Some of the mountains where green and we saw a lot of signs that said "don't step on me, I'm alive"
The Boys
Cove Arch
Lincoln and I standing in North Window
Lincoln with North Window Arch above him
Kyler on the left and Dewey on the right with his arms held out. This was by North Window. I think the boys had fun climbing around.
South Window
This picture is really neat. Can you blame someone for thinking this place is gorgeous!
Aah and our first siting of Delicate Arch! We just went to the viewpoints this time but next time we are going to hike up to it so we can get really close pictures! It is still really amazing even from afar.

The boys found this rock and thought it looked cool to take pictures around. They look like turtles :)

That is the end of the pics. Hope you enjoyed!
Some highlights of the trip...
  • First night--ate at the Diner with Grandma and Grandpa Downard, Becky, Dewey, Lincoln, Kyler, Me, Robyn, Stacy & Joe & kids.
  • Walked the shops on mainstreet after dinner. Lincoln bought me three pairs of earings (one pair is actual sterling silver and topaz! love them!), a ring, and nail polish that changes colors in the sun--green to purple.
  • Played Cards at Stacy and Joe's house
  • Visited Joe's gas station on I-70 where we got free jerky and our picture on the wall :)
  • Slept in a house with two cats, took benedryl every night in order to stop sneezing. Oh but those kitties were so cute!
  • Grandpa Downard made us breakfast both days!
  • and after 22 years of living in Utah, I finally saw, went to, and enjoyed Moab!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Went to the Jazz game on Saturday. Emilee made us these t-shirts to wear to the games. The back says SLOAN and the number 23. I really like them :) I was pretty excited that the Jazz won (in overtime) since they have been on a losing streak! It was really fun and looking forward to going again on the 24th!

I saw this wire thing at Ikea and thought it would be really fun to hang my cards from so I can show them off. It was in the little kid section with kid's artwork hanging from it. My craft room is half storage room so I have this one wall to put cute stuff up on. I haven't even hung pictures or anything on it ha ha and since we rent I decide I would stick some holes in the wall just to see how it looks :)
It turned out pretty cool and I really like how it shows off my cards instead of just having them in a pile.