Monday, July 16, 2012


Here are my Graduation picture from back in April. I walked the same day we moved and closed on our loan! It was a very busy and stressful day!

Sarah Dziuk
Utah Valley University
Woodbury School of Business
the degree of
Bachelor of Science
fifteenth day of December, 2011
Cum Laude
Beta Alpha Psi members (aka my nerdy classmates)
My mom pointed out that I'm the only one without a white stole. And that is because I didn't make it to the accounting lab before graduation to pick mine up :( My shoes look good though! I sure do miss all the studying in the accounting lab and classes with all these guys!

 I made the choice to only walk with the Woodbury School of Business rather than all of UVU. That would explain the smaller group of graduates. And not everyone comes back after 4 months (we really graduated in December 2011)
Here is my white stole (borrowed from a classmate) to show my Beta Alph Psi membership

If you focus really hard this is a great photo :)