Monday, June 20, 2011

gap savings

I had the day off today so Wendy and I decided to go to the mall for something to do...
This is where I stumbled across a SALE at Gap. I had a $10 gift certificate so decided to look around. The sale was 50% off the marked down price. I walked out of there with a summer dress, a skirt, and two tanktops for $37! We took a look at the original price (if I would have bought these items not on sale)---$180. That's a $143 savings!
What a nice day to go to the mall :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

crazy animals

Before I tell you about the kitties, here is what Jerrica and I made the other day. We went to Hobby Lobby--after Emily told me about buying her bows there I decided I wanted to check it out. What a wonderful store! We were looking for some cute summer craft that we could make that afternoon. This was really simple to make; everything was a sticker and then just tie the bow.
Now for the crazy animals! I have noticed I call them animals more often than I call them my babies ha ha! They drive me nuts sometimes...right now I'm counting down the hours till they take their nap :)
While doing some card making I look up to see Tupac exploring. A couple days ago I walked in to find all my ribbon had been unrolled...this day he just wanted to see what was in the little jars.

Lincoln's Grandma Anne bought me this cute little fountain/waterfall thing. I love it! and the cats do too. She wrote on the little card that she thought the cats would think it was neat and they sure did! Every once-in-awhile I will put it on the ground so they can check it out. The vet told me that cats like fresh water and that they even make cat water dishes as these fountain/waterfall things because the cats will drink more water. Tupac drinks from the top really good but Nikki is curious as to where the water is going so she will put her little paw inside and swat the water.

This is what happens when you leave a cup of water sitting on the floor :) You can't do anything without them wanting to get in it.

The saying "curiousity killed the cat" is so very true! I'm finding this to be true more and more every day. We keep our closet doors shut and as soon as we open them, the cats come running. When you open the cupboards in the kitchen, they come running. When you flush the toilet, they come running! aah I can't wait for fat lazy cats that sleep all day :) Until then, I will post pics of all the funny stuff my crazy animals do.