Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Aunt Evy got to listen to my heart murmur today! She said it was the first time she has been able to listen to one. This is how she explained it:
(normal hearbeat) Lub...Dub...Lub...Dub...Lub...Dub
(heart with a murmur) Lub.......dub..Lub.......dub..Lub
Does this make sense in type-mode?
Oh and I found a black widow on my front door! way not cool...the landlord said he would spray on Friday. Hope it works

Monday, October 5, 2009

Paper Storage?

Everytime I attempt to scrapbook or make cards I have to sort through all of my paper to figure out what I would like to use. At the end I have to stack it all up and put it back. I am really looking for a storage unit that looks nice to have in your room but also a unit that I am able to view my paper with just a look. Here are some pictures of different storage units I have found online. If anyone has any info on what they use or any way that I can make my own without spending lots of money, let me know :) A lady online said she used these Target cubes and just bought a few of them and stacked them in the below picture. I really like the classy look of this.
This unit is like the ones you see in the actual craft stores...There is a way of building these yourselves but I couldn't find it online. Does anyone know how?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

New Look

I dyed my hair today. It is back to it's dark color. This shade actually may be darker than I usually go. It's not black but the shade of brown before black. (if that makes sense) Jerrica, Courtney, and I all dyed our hair tonight and we all went dark! I work with jerrica and courtney. Courtney and I have pretty much the same hair so a lot of our customers mistaken the one for the other. I will have customers come up to me and call me courtney and vise versa. Other customers ask us if we are sisters. It's pretty fun...she is super cute so being called her twin is totally fine with me :)