Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Final Grades

Yay! Final Grades day finally came. This is the day that decided whether I had to rearrange my classes for next semester :( or not :) I was really nervous about this semester's grades. It was really tough! But I pulled three A's and two B's Congrats to me ha ha Now I can relax till January 5th !!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

It;s gonna be a long one...

So instead of posting when something happens, I tend to gather pictures and then blog (usually once a month) what we have been up here it goes...
First of all...Kaylin you make me smile :) I was looking through my phone and just had to put this cute pic up for all of you to see! (this was taken awhile ago, so she is bigger than this now)
On December 8th, Lincoln and I went to the Jazz vs. Heat game. If any of you watch basketball then this poster will be funny to you :) We went to the game early and got Matt Harpring's autograph on Lincoln's basketball. They snapped a shot of our poster and it ended up on TV! Pretty sweet. Then a lady with the Jazz asked Lincoln if he would like to go down on the court during the game. He agreed, duh! and after the 1st quarter he was down on the court with two other people to try and win a chevron gas card. He didn't win but I could tell by his huge smile that it was still worth it! The game was really fun, although the jazz lost. We had a blast on our little "date" night.
On Thanksgiving Dewey and Lincoln were messing around, as usual. and Lincoln rolled his ankle. We thought it was broke since he couldn't put any pressure on it and it swelled immediately! So we took him into the e.r. that evening :) These pictures are of his leg/ankle/foot about two weeks later...He had a brace to put on it and the blood seemed to pool right above the brace, hence the black and blue above the ankle and not on the ankle. Also his toes turned black and blue! Looks really nasty but he was able to play a good game of basketball the other day with his buddies, so I'm thinking it is healing good.

eew man feet!
As you may have noticed, the further you read the further back in time you go...the pictures upload this way and I forgot until after I loaded them...oh well.
These are some cards I made to swap at cousin's sleepover. This was a really fun idea and I hope we do it again next year.

So I dragged Lincoln to the Barnum and Bailey Circus this year! ha ha. I'm glad he will humor me :) I haven't been since I was little and I always remember it as being super fun! which it still is...Here are a few pictures. Enjoy!
The elephants
The motorcycle guys! This is just mind boggling to me...I would most likely wreck :)
The tigers were super neat!
Sorry for such a long post. I will work on blogging more often with seperate blogs for the things we do.
I have finished three of my finals and have two more to go! Then I can mark another semester off my list. I'm getting super close to graduating so if any of you out there need an accountant, I will be up for hire soon ;)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I (still) DO

It was our anniversary on Monday. We spent the day in SLC and went to the Jazz game! Then stayed overnight at Little America. It was really nice to spend some time with my honey and think about the days we have spent together for the last two years. It has been a really good and fun two years. I love my man! :)
Got these cute panties FREE from Victoria's Secret since it was our anniversary Just a couple wedding pictures. Aaah that was such an awesome day!

Happy Anniversary baby, hope your pneumonia goes away soon :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


It has been two and a half weeks since I posted so I thought I would post to update you on what I have been up to.
Loving my nook. I downloaded a lot of free samples of top selling books, it downloads about 20-30 pages of the book, depending on how long the book is. So it gives you an idea of what the book is about and the style of writing. Sometimes authors have awesome ideas but for me, it comes down to the writing style :) I recently downloaded my first book that I paid for! ha ha. It is called Breaking Night by Liz Murray. I read Glass Castle and this book has sort of the same idea (an author who had a rough life but was able to excell in their life! I'm so impressed by these authors...these ladies rock!) If you haven't read the Glass Castle, you should! It is a very interesting story. My father-in-law really liked it too, so it appeals to a wide demographic.

In my geography class we are learning about Central Asia, East Asia, and most recently southern asia. Specifically, India and Hinduism. The class is very neat. It is more of a cultural/behavioral geography class. We talk about the where, why, when, etc...of different countries. I have a report to write about Nepal and then also a short presentation for class on Vietnam.

In my marketing class we are discussing pricing. The why, how, and when's to pricing your product. (price skimming, penetration pricing, bundle pricing, discount pricing, etc...) And, as always, we have a project to find these types of pricing in our everyday shopping around.

In my cost accounting class we are discussing Product and Service Costing: Job Order Systems and Process Costing. We will be having an Exam on this next week. It is pretty tough stuff but it is starting to make sense :)

In my intermediate accounting class we just got done talking about cash flow statements. He has gave us two quizzes on this chapter! The first one gave us the balance sheet and income sheet and we had to come up with the cash flow statement. The second one we did today, gave us the balance sheet and cash flow statement (direct method) and we had to come up with the income statement. Ten seconds before time was up on the quiz, I realized I forgot to take out depreciation expense! Oh I'm so mad...I totally could have had it completely correct! Grrr...

In my operations management class we are discussing Lean systems. It seems to me to be a system that you would impliment if you had a factory or assembly line type of process. It is a way of decreasing inventory, decreasing defects, and other costs that effect your process.

anyways, that is school stuff, which makes up the majority of my time :)

I found out today that the Fresh Market on parkway in Orem is shutting down, along with two other in SLC....I only got the gossip end of this but when I here more about it, I will let y'all know. It looks like the Fresh Market that I work at is doing fine and won't be shutting down. We are still pulling profits! yay!

Since work is pretty much another large part of my life, I will post about that.... I am a front end cashier (as most of you know), recently I have been trained over at the customer service desk and have had added responsibilities, such as moneygrams/moneyorders and also, doing the ordering for customer service. I'm really liking the extra responsibilities and I really enjoy being able to help customers! I know that sounds really weird but I am a people person and enjoy making our customers happy so that they will return to shop at our store. Being a cashier, you aren't really able to discuss problems or help a customer find items (since you are stuck in the register and usually have a line). So being over at the customer service desk makes it so much easier to help others.

The other night, a lady called and was really upset that the phone number for Fresh Market is not in the phone book. I looked through the one we have at work and it is true, no phone number for us :) So she vented to me for a good five minutes about the trouble she went through to get our number. I believe that some employees would have not wanted to talk to her but I was able to just listen to what she had to say, make a note for upper management about the problem, and she felt much better after our discussion. Oh poor lady! I would have been upset too! I hate looking up phone numbers for businesses too :)

Besides work and school, I spend my time with Lincoln! I love my cute husband! He has been super awesome lately...he cleaned the whole house, including the bathroom and dishes. I was so proud and super happy to come home from school and not have to worry about housework. He also made dinner that whole weekend and breakfast! It has been a long time since I have been waited on ha ha and oh it felt SOOO good! (if any of you husbands read my blog, take some tips from Lincoln and try this sometime ;) your wives will really appreciate it!) He also took me to Chilis for lunch and SHOPPING! (a girl's favorite activity) He spent a good amount of money on bras and panties at victoria's secret for me! As some of you know, I am in need of some new, larger bras :) he he And Lincoln has been telling me lately that I wear boring thongs ha ha (my friend asked me how a thong can be boring, but I guess it is possible) so I made him pick out the non-boring ones...apparently he just wanted some color. He picked some pink, some blue, some purple, some polkadot, etc... It was a really good weekend and I hope that husband comes back next weekend :)

That pretty much is (a novel) what I have been up to lately. I'm heading off to a cooking class all my friends and I hold once a week, a little bit of girl time for each of us. We are going to make a fancy version of BLT's tonight. Pretty to you later or ptyl :)

Monday, October 4, 2010


I purchased my very own nook over the weekend! Oh I was very excited! The nook is an ebook reader..which means that you can download books onto this small device and read books wherever you are. There are over one million titles and you can sample any ebook for Free. Most ebooks are $9.99 or less. You can lend ebooks with friends for Free. The nook is also capable of audio books as well. There are speakers on the bottom to listen and also a headphones plug-in. The Nook also has the internet (at Wi-Fi hotspots), is capable of downloading newspapers, and magazines. You can also download pdf documents onto it.
The top reasons I have really wanted one of these is, first and foremost, I can download my textbooks for school onto them :) Are you thinking what I'm thinking? more huge, heavy, awkward textbooks to carry around campus! And another reason is because I have really learned to love reading and this device gives me a chance to read most anything wherever and whenever I choose to read.

There are many ebooks out there that are free and I have downloaded a few that seemed interesting. The Nook is made by Barnes and Noble. Today I went into Barnes and Noble and was able to read a book for Free! They give you an hour a day to read any book for free through your nook. So I took an hour to relax, sip some pumpkin spice latte, and read the first 70 pages of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson. By visiting the store and taking in some reading time whenever I'm in Orem, I can read this book for free. Also, on Fridays Barnes and Nobles has a list of books that you are able to download for free. It is usually a top seller, too! I'm excited for Friday to go in and see what ebook they have :)

So far I have only downloaded free stuff, but eventually I know there will be a book I will purchase because I can't wait to read it.

Thanks so much to Dick and Lincoln for buying my nook for me! It will get lots of use, I'm sure of it :)

p.s. take the survey from the post below (ends friday)

marketing class

For my marketing class, a group of us have to come up with a new product idea...we have come up with a survey. Whomever reads my blog, will you please take it :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I just read Emily's blog and she posted the shows she watches each day. I had just mentioned to Lincoln the shows that I record on our DVR so I will share those with you :)
Dancing with the Stars
I really like Maksim, Anna, and Derek....I'm not really into any of the stars this year but it should be fun to watch the pros.
I use to like watching the Biggest Loser and excercising during the commercials :)
but now we have DVR which means no more exercising ha ha. (my bad) :)
Oh I have always loved watching Next Top Model! It is just fabulous! if only I was tall...
Project Runway is awesome! If you love shopping and fashion then you would also love this show. I'm so impressed with what people come up with. I wish I had the skills to make my clothes instead of searching the stores forever to find exactly what I want. Watch this one!
Mondo is one of the designers and I love, love, love this outfit he made on episode 8!
Oh I wish I was wearing this right now :)
Hope y'all enjoyed.
p.s. I'm slowly working through all the homework and quizzes and exams. Thanks to those that posted comments and encouragement for me. It really helped out a lot! With all this stress I noticed I'm a lot more emotional and, yes, I got a little teary-eyed noticing how much people have my back :) Thanks Guys--love you all!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What a Mess

I had a complete come apart today...complete mess! Wow my schedule is, work, life, etc... I just couldn't take all the stress today and so I just cried to my honey! (literally for like an hour) UGH!
So I decided to update (em told me to on her blog) This is my life in a list for the next week:
  • Accounting Homework
  • other Accounting class homework
  • a marketing paper
  • an Accounting Exam
  • a Power Point on the geography and culture of Switzerland
  • a geography Exam
  • reading of all the chapters for the exams
  • a wedding reception
  • an Assembly
  • the circus on Sept 24th! (this is a de-stressor)
  • work
  • cleaning
  • eating
  • sleeping
  • etc....

I decided that time is very valuable! and life is very stressful! When in highschool and living at home, I was able to do everything! and I mean everything! I now live in a stress bubble that I can't seem to tear out of....I set the bar high for myself in my highschool days, so it tears me apart to not be able to have everything perfect now! For those of you who are close to me, you know how I am about having everything done perfect and on time...grrr If only I was a more free-spirited person...

If anyone has ideas on how to de-stress, let me know :) :( or people who want to do some homework :)

{deep breath}


{another deep breath}

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wow, school started..

already! Yesterday was my first day. I have been stressed about this semester; I have five classes, which means five books, which added up to $776.00!....Yeah that is what I thought!
After a little plastic money I have been able to try and put that behind me. My classes are:
Survey of World Geography
Operations Management
Cost Accounting
Intermediate Accounting
Principles of Marketing
It should be an exciting semester. After yesterday I realized that a lot of my assignments and homework will be group/team projects. I will update later on how I feel about that. Right now, I'm a little if-fy...
I'm keeping a positive attitude and looking forward to getting another semester finished.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Kati, Jordan, and Ethan came to visit us for a couple of days and we decided to take a Lagoon trip! It was a lot of fun...we rode Wicked, the Spider, the train, the swings, the Samurai and others. I really liked the Samurai!
Lincoln really wanted us to get our pictures done at Pioneer Village. His parents have a picture of them around our age when they went so we thought it would be a fun keepsake to get ours done. These are the two pics we got. They turned out really cute and it was a lot of fun to dress-up! Love my sexy cowboy :)
The flash in the middle is because I took a picture of the picture :)
We didn't take a whole lot of pictures and I was really sad to notice that this is the only pic with Kati in it (sorry girl)...and it's only half her head!
Lincoln took this pic of Jordan and I before we got onto Wicked. I was super nervous to get on this ride but after doing it, I would definitely ride it again!
Oh you all should have seen Lincoln with Ethan! They were two pees in a pod...super cute to watch Lincoln play with the little guy. Lincoln would put Ethan on his shoulders as we walked around the park and they kept giving each other high-fives :)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

let's glue this together...

...tuesday, my day off, I decided to go visit my mom. She came up with the idea to sew my cousin's block quilt together. [A bunch of us cousins one "cousin's sleepover" decided to put together a quilt which included a block created from each individual cousin.] This was a very fun idea and two years later (i believe that's when we did it), I'm finally putting the blocks together and making the quilt! Since everyone has different tastes when it came to fabric, I had many shades of colors and many different designs. I layed out the quilt and knew it was suppose to be random but I wanted to bring some order to the wide variety. quilt is organized with the bright colors on one end and fades into the duller, lighter colors :) I thought I was very creative with this pattern, that when I get to tieing it I want to start with a bright color on one end and a duller color for the other end. My quilt is definitely going to have some personality! I can't wait to see Aunt L's face when she sees my crazy idea :)
...after laying out my quilt, I tell my mom, "let's glue this together and then put the border on..." We had a good laugh with that one. Apparently I don't sew very often and thought we could glue it ;) Also, I had some troubles with keeping an eye on the four corner blocks. When I was in Oak City a little while back...I remember Aunt L saying, "where is your fourth block?" On that day I remember looking through the bag I kept the quilt in and finally found it. So the morning before leaving my house to travel to my mom's, I counted them to make sure I had all four. I did. but as we proceeded to put the border together, I could not find that fourth block! I know that it had travelled with me so it had to be here somewhere...after some good laughs and jokes about that block not wanting to be sewn, I found it in the laundry room...I can only guess that it must have stuck to me on my way to do laundry :) and it only gets we are sewing the border together [since everyone sews different and measures different] we ended up not really needing that block anyways because of the way it lined up. My mom thought we should cut one of the edges and make the block line up like it is suppose to but after all the trouble we went through with this block, I decided to leave it so that I will always have the funny memory.
You could think of this quilt as a symbol of all of us cousins. We all have different personalities, reflect different colors, live our lives in different patterns, and when we attempt to mesh together, some of us contrast each other while others clash. But all-in-all we are able to "make a beautiful and whole quilt" of our lives even if we don't come together perfectly...

Monday, June 21, 2010

Trip to Oak City

My mom and I decided to tie our cousins we drove up to Aunt L's to do so. We made sure to have tuna sandwiches for lunch (thanks to G-ma's traditional tieing afternoons). It was a really fun day and I'm glad we get together every once-in-awhile to continue the quilt tradition. My g-ma had some really great skills at piecing quilts together...not sure if I would ever be able to do the same :) but I'm not really practicing either....yet...
Oh cute Kaylin! She was spending time with grammy that weekend because Bobbie just had her babies! So we got to play with her that day. She was a good little helper.
Lincoln and I spent that evening up Fillmore canyon. It was really nice to just relax around the camp fire. My version of camping is spend the day, maybe hike, roast hotdogs and mellows, then go home :) ha ha Not really into getting dirty and sleeping in a tent. Oh but smores are so so so good! We made them the easy way.... Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Moral of the Story...

Don't attempt to cake decorate during PMS week :)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

card making

I made this card for my mom and thought I would just post a picture of it :) I found these little flowers at Joann's and just had to have them...and then I had to make a card to put them on.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Bobbie's Diaper Party

So it has been awhile since this party actually happened, but I thought that pictures should be posted anyways :) My mom and I planned a diaper party for Bobbie and her twins! It was a blast! We had an amazing show up...plenty of friends and family came to support Bobbie.

Here are a few pics from the party....

Kaylin just had to help mom open the gifts. Before the party started and I was setting up, Kaylin kept saying that we were having a birthday party and insisted on wearing her party hat. (although she didn't wear it for long cuz mommy had put her hair in cute piggy-tails)

It's not a party unless you have people!
...and dirty diapers :) My mom came up with this game where you melt different candy bars in diapers and then guess what candy bar it was. It was a lot of fun and made a few people gag. We did the game right after I had got them out of the microwave so the diapers were gooey and warm...just like a dirty baby diaper :)
It's also not a party unless you have all the cute little ones... also need the decorations. I love how it all turned out!


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Color Me Mine

A group of us girls went to Color Me Mine in Provo today. It is a pottery place where you pick out your own pottery, paint it, and then they cook and finish it for you. We had so much fun! It really brought out all of our creative sides. This was definitely a good idea for a girl's day out!
This is Jerrica and Courtney starting out with their pottery.
This is Kaybri...she did a mug which turned out really cute! She wrote on it "a cup of Kaybri" I just love her personality and it showed in her piece.
This is Courtney's coffee mug...she did this really amazing tree! I loved it and think she has a really artistic side.
Kaybri and I
This is Hannah working on her Viking...she was inspired by the movie How to Train Your Dragon, so she did this amazing viking dude! Love it!
Kaybri and her amazing mug! I love the colors she used and the inside was super awesome!
Courtney and Hannah
Jerrica working on her plate. She was inspired by her love for her husband! They are just so happy together and you can tell because she is always thinking about him! Super cute idea! She had to make sure her lines where perfect. ha ha. silly girl :)
Me being a goober :) Do you like my dip bowls!?
These are my dip bowls almost finished. They have to be cooked and then we can pick them up on Monday!
Kaybri putting the finishing touches on her mug.
Oh Jer! Got to love her faces! This is her plate almost to be cooked. Tribute to Jeffers :)
Courtney and her amazing artist skills...look at that tree :)
Hannah and her viking. This guy is just so adorable. I don't think that was what she was going for but I just can't get enough of how well done he is! Great job Hannah! You got mad skills :)
The End. What a fun day! I'm really glad for the girls planning this day. I had a lot of fun!