Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sammi & Justin

On January 16th I took a drive to Price and took one of my best friend's engagement pics. This is Sammi and Justin and they will be getting married on March 20th! It was really fun to take this pictures over in the little town of Price and also my favorites were taken in old Helper. Thats such a "old timin" little town but super fun to take pics. This first one is actually on the pond that is frozen over! I think the pictures turned out really cute and I had alot of fun! My favorite is the cute white door on the last picture...I just had to take pictures next to it :)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Disneyland last year

Yes i know this is not our honeymoon but I happened to have the pictures on my thumb drive so I thought it would be a fun blog for today :) This trip to disneyland was October 2007. It was such nice weather...t-shirt and shorts! (my favorite). The only time you really needed a jacket was after you went on Splash Mountain and you were all wet. This picture on the left (left to right) is Lincoln, Kyler, Dewey, and Me. We all tried to wear our disney shirts everyday that we were at the park. Lincoln and Dewey have Sword in the Stone shirts. Kyler has Robin Hood and I have Winnie the Pooh!

The parades were Lincoln's least favorite parts...ha ha don't even ask him about them. But here was a cute parade they had in California Adventures. It had floats of different Disney characters. This one is Monsters Inc. I thought it was so fun. That is Dewey dancing along with some other kids in the parade. I think he was really embarrassed to be the oldest kid. It was a good laugh and alot of fun! :) Notice the big orange monster in the back. ha ha yes that is the one that had a sock on him and got shaved in the movie. I love that part!

Kyler, Dewey, and I were always wanting to get pictures with the characters that ran around the park. This is Pluto! I also got a picture with the bowler hat guy (bad guy) also known as Goob on Meet the Robinsons. I absolutely love that movie...ask anyone. So I was thrilled to take a picture with Goob. (He is my favorite when he is little and not the bad guy ha ha that makes sense if you have seen the movie)
This is Kyler, Me, Dewey, Becky, and Lincoln before we went into "Honey, I Shrunk the Audience" It was a 3-D adventure of a science experiment going wrong. (thus, we are wearing strange, yellow 3-D glasses) It was such a fun ride. I was screaming and moving all over in my seat. There is one part where they release the science experiment rats out of their cage and you can feel them running around under your seat. Another ride similar to this is the muppets show and also bug's life show. We went on these later ones on our honeymoon. If you ever go to Disneyland make sure you check out the Bug's Life one. It is my all time favorite.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Girl's Night Out!

Girls night out! So these pictures were actually taken awhile ago but it was a really fun night...we ate at Fazoli's and then decided to go to the mall and play dress up. No these are not the outfits that we would usually wear but we sure do make them look good :) These tights were the coolest things. (2nd pic) When we saw them we just had to put them on! ha ha guess you had to be there. Emily (tiff's awesome roommate) is wearing the very sexy gold tights. That's ME! in the silver tights. By the way I love the jacket...think i could wear that any day :) and check out that hot mamma Tiff in the ever so slimming black tights. The top picture was a contribute to mini skirts...look how cute Kati is! Love those boots on her. Thanks girls for all the fun we had that day! Can't wait to see what we do next :)