Tuesday, March 24, 2009


These are my grandparents and their new puppy, Farley. I just think he is so cute so I wanted to show everyone his cute little face :) These pictures were sent to me awhile ago so he is probably alot bigger now.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New Muscle Car!

So we got a new car :) Lincoln has been interested in the Dodge Challenger and we got a call from a dealership last week to come and test drive one of these fun cars. So on our way up to the Jazz game friday night (the Jazz won) we stopped off at Hinckley Dodge in SLC. We looked at the car and decided to run the numbers just to see what the payments would be. While the numbers were being calculated we went for a test drive. It is so way nice to ride in and drive in, as I found out later. We just fell in love with it and since the payments were less than what we were paying for the Pontiac Solstice we decided to go for! (we did trade in the solstice for it...going to miss it)Its our first car together and the first thing that's in both of our names. That makes it 50% my car too ha ha! Way fun! The car is a Dodge Challenger R/T 2009 6-speed manuel 2-door....the pictures below I just got off the internet because I haven't taken pics of it yet. I will get pictures of our car ASAP!