Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Past Couple of Weekends

I thought I would update on what we have been up to the last couple of weeks. The babies are getting big! They are still kittens but just not as small and fuzzy. ha ha. Nikki got sick about a week ago...took her to the vet, got some fluids and antibiotics. She has been 100% herself ever since. Yay! I was worried. They have a vet appointment tomorrow morning to get their boosters.
My mom asked me to make some graduation cards for her. This is what I made up...

Lincoln got home from Texas after three weeks. I was excited to see him! We went on a shopping spree a couple days after he got home. He needed some new summer clothes and I didn't mind shopping for some clothes too :) This is Lincoln standing in a tunnel thing at the mall. It imitates the winds of a hurricane.

While shopping I asked Lincoln if I could dress him up. ha ha He was a trooper and I got him into Gap clothes! I bought the kahkis...we will see if he wears them but I just loved them ;) This pick is him playing the part. Thanks baby for your humor!

Then this memorial weekend we went to Mesquite! It was so much fun...laying out at the pool, gambling (love the craps tables), bowling, arcades, eating out, chillin in the hotel room. I had so much fun! We haven't had a vacation like that for awhile and we both enjoyed it so much. We will have to save up to go play again.

And I love this pic---Lincoln and Tupac chillin at home.

This summer has been a blast so far (besides the weather) and I can't wait for all our next adventures!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The adventure today

I took the babies to the vet today. I warned them in the morning that today would not be very fun :) They didn't seem to care...until we got there and their temperature was being checked ha ha. They had ear mites but we got them taken care of. Poor babies. No wonder Tupac itched his ears a lot. They got some good shots that helped them sleep ALL day. We got home around eleven and they went to sleep on my lap. When I went to work at three they were still sleeping. This is baby Nikki--too precious!
They are running around being crazy kittens again! Gotta love their energy.

I pick Lincoln up on Friday! It has been a long three weeks and I can't wait to see him! He has never seen the kitties so I'm excited for him to meet them.