Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Little Jazz Fun

Today we went to the Energy's Solution Arena and got a tour of the Jazz locker room. It was a way of suckering us into buying Jazz season tickets again. :) We ended up getting them for next season at half price since we got them so early. It will most likely be our last season living up closer so we decided to go for it. This will be the view from our new seats. Section 13, row 22, lower bowl.
This is the underside of the jumbo tron :)
Reach Lincoln, Reach!
This is Becky sitting on the Jazz bench.
...and this Lincoln on the Jazz bench.
Lincoln ready to check into the game (he loved posing for the pictures)
Becky and Lincoln on the Jazz bench
This is CJ Miles' locker...
This is Paul Millsap's locker...
Becky and Lincoln posing as if they are discussing the game while sitting on the bench :)
We told Lincoln to look like he just won the game....
Then we had him act like D-Will when they lost the game...
This is us on the court :)
This is Williams' locker...notice the cute drawings his kids did for him :)
This is Kirilenko's locker. He has quite a few books in his. We were trying to read the titles but think that maybe they were in russian.
This is just a side view of some of the lockers. It was fun to see what they have in their lockers. Fesenko had some kind of Sci-Fi book. Raja Bell had coffee creamer and cups, and an empty RedBull. Evans wears degree deoderant. It was in D-Will's contract that they redo the locker room. It ended up being twice the size it use to be.
This is Lincoln performing his dream job of Coach.
Becky posing in front of the lockers
Coach Lincoln reporting to the media after the game :) This is his Coach Sloan pose.
It was a really fun day and everyone had a blast! GO JAZZ GO!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

I can't go shopping for just one item...

I called Lincoln and told him that I need some dress pants since it's cold outside and I didn't want to put a skirt on to wear for my presentation at school. So he lets me take his card and says not to get pants that cost a ton! ha ha I had asked a friend from school where she got hers and she said to check out Jcpenney's, affordable and still really nice. These are what I found...I sent this pic from my phone to Lincoln so he could give me an opinion :) Oh and that also was a shirt that I just had to try on! most of you know from the combo of the mall + shopping + me = got to buy the shirt too :) So I got the pants, the shirt, .....oh and another cute shirt...
and these! ha ha you can't buy black dress pants and only own a pair of brown close toe heels. I just needed these to finish the outfit! Plus they are hot!
I call Lincoln as I'm leaving the store and told him I found a great pair of dress pants and the shirt in the picture I ended up getting too......I got home a little later and tried on my outfit to show him. That's when he found out about the other items that I happened to bring home :) He thought I looked good and I told him that being an accountant, these clothes are an investment, future work clothes ;)This is a card I made for my mom. I got the idea from the stampin up magazine and made my own tweaks to it to match what stuff I had at home. I found that my ribbon skills are not very good and stick glue just doesn't work that great! I'm thinking I need some more lessons from the stampin up gals :) This doesn't mean I need phone calls to try and make me sign up for club...but reminder texts or whatever of when you guys meet would be cool. Maybe I can fit a card making session into my schedule.

Monday, January 10, 2011

just hanging out...being sick :(

So Lincoln woke up in the middle of the night not feeling good at all. His stomach was hurting him and he couldn't lay flat or else it hurt worse. His sickness continued (I will leave the yucky facts out) and Sunday he seemed to be doing better. Last night I woke up at about 3:30 a.m. pucking my guts out. Yep, he passed it on to me :( I have ran to the bathroom many times and have been sleeping the other time. I'm starting to feel a little better; just a headache, most likely caused from being dehydrated. I'm sipping on some gatorade and hopefully I will be able to make it to class tomorrow. Cross your fingers for me. I hate missing class.

On a funner note...Lincoln told me a very awesome fact yesterday. He was helping me button up my pjs and said "I wish the buttons were on the same side as men's" I had no idea what he was talking about. So he told me that women's button-up shirts have the buttons on the left side; whereas, men's button-up shirts have the buttons on the right side! I thought he was joking and he couldn't believe for how much I shop that I didn't know that. So he grabbed one of my shirts and one of his...and it is true! ha ha :) Got to love my smart hubby. He always knows random facts. I tell him I'm book-smart and he is street-smart.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Yay School

School started on Wednesday. I'm taking five classes this semester and I'm pretty excited to say that this will be my last year in school for my bachelors degree in accounting! (I have my masters to get and then my CPA certification)
I'm taking:
Accounting Information Systems (AIS)
Intermediate Accounting II
Career Prep
Executive Lecture Series

It should be a challenging but very informational semester. I feel like I'm getting smarter and learning a lot of valuable information for my career, but then I sit back and think about it and there is SO much to know! Props to those that are already accountants!