Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Not so fun :(

Yes that is me! This picture was taken by Emily...or my mom? right after I got my wisdom teeth out on Thursday 7-9-09. It looks like I'm in alot of pain but what I really was feeling was a nauseated stomach. I thought I was going to hurl. My mouth was so numb that at this moment I wasn't feeling any pain.
Lincoln got called out to a fire a few days before I was to go in and get this done so my mom pitched in to come and help me out! Emily also was a good sport and helped with driving me home after and running in to get my meds. Thanks Em! (She also brought me a Jamocha shake from Arby's...which is my all time favorite shake!)
Going into the "Oral surgeons" office was pretty scary for me...I had butterflies in my stomach! and after reading the side effects (including DEATH), I was so ready to walk out! :) It is one thing when I went in for my appendix..where there is sudden pain, not much time to think about it, and morphine pumping through your veins :)...to having two weeks to think about it, no good morphine, everyone elses stories, and a long list of scary side effects! I'm totally fine with the all-of-a-sudden surgery! ha ha
So the doctor had me pee before the surgery which was a good thing because I didn't end up going to the bathroom till late that night and not until my mom told me that I should probably go. Ha ha Thanks mom! You could tell I wasn't quite all there :)
I pretty much slept for about three days straight. I had the resting and relaxing down just fine. Sleep for 3-4 hours...wake up for 15 minutes to eat applesauce, pudding, yogurt, or a milkshake...and then off to sleep I went. I only took one nap yesterday and haven't taken one yet today (I'm doing laundry at Bobbie's) but I'm sure starting to get tired.
My swelling isn't too bad. Just little chipmunk cheeks. The pain was really bad the first day. When I was awake I would just sit there with tears rolling down my cheeks. It was not fun at all! My mom will probably laugh when I tell you this part...she took really good care of me! bringing me liquids and reminding me when to take my meds :) She did give me dry gauze once, which brought big tears to my eyes and had me rinse on the first day, which we found out later that we didn't need to do. (that made me cry too) (ha ha I just had to type that mom, it was pretty funny after the fact!)
All in all I have been doing pretty good. Quit bleeding the first day. I upgraded from applesauce to saltine crackers and mac n' cheese! Yay for me! When my mom was staying with me there was an Olive Garden commercial that kept coming on and I told her that once I can chew, I am eating at Olive Garden! No Rocks! I really bad want real food :) I have been watching the food network channel and thinking of all the things that I'm going to eat when I can finally chew! My mom says it's self-inflicted torture. ha ha I just want to eat!

To get my mind off of food I decided to make some cards...here they are...

I put this picture up because I was so excited for my mom to get her sidewalk done! The boys did this Saturday night and finished it up on Sunday. I can't wait for her to get grass now!
One more crazy thing to tell you guys about...on Saturday before my mom was getting ready to leave, my mom, me and Evy were sitting on the couch talking and all of a sudden there was a very loud bang and a huge flash of light! We thought our apartment buildings got hit by lightning...after a few minutes we walked outside to look around and the tree across the street had been the object that got hit. The lightning had hit the tree and blasted the bark all over the road! Very scary! Watch out for Spanish Fork lightning...it'll getcha!