Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wow, school started..

already! Yesterday was my first day. I have been stressed about this semester; I have five classes, which means five books, which added up to $776.00!....Yeah that is what I thought!
After a little plastic money I have been able to try and put that behind me. My classes are:
Survey of World Geography
Operations Management
Cost Accounting
Intermediate Accounting
Principles of Marketing
It should be an exciting semester. After yesterday I realized that a lot of my assignments and homework will be group/team projects. I will update later on how I feel about that. Right now, I'm a little if-fy...
I'm keeping a positive attitude and looking forward to getting another semester finished.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Kati, Jordan, and Ethan came to visit us for a couple of days and we decided to take a Lagoon trip! It was a lot of fun...we rode Wicked, the Spider, the train, the swings, the Samurai and others. I really liked the Samurai!
Lincoln really wanted us to get our pictures done at Pioneer Village. His parents have a picture of them around our age when they went so we thought it would be a fun keepsake to get ours done. These are the two pics we got. They turned out really cute and it was a lot of fun to dress-up! Love my sexy cowboy :)
The flash in the middle is because I took a picture of the picture :)
We didn't take a whole lot of pictures and I was really sad to notice that this is the only pic with Kati in it (sorry girl)...and it's only half her head!
Lincoln took this pic of Jordan and I before we got onto Wicked. I was super nervous to get on this ride but after doing it, I would definitely ride it again!
Oh you all should have seen Lincoln with Ethan! They were two pees in a pod...super cute to watch Lincoln play with the little guy. Lincoln would put Ethan on his shoulders as we walked around the park and they kept giving each other high-fives :)