Monday, January 7, 2013

It's a Boy

Yes, it has been a long while since I have blogged. And I have pretty awesome news! Most of you already know. IT'S A BOY! We are expecting our first little dude on June 21st. We are both really excited and are a bit nervous for this next step in our lives. It is such a HUGE responsibility but we are ready for the challenge :) Oh and did I mention what a miracle it is for a human to grow another human! This has amazed me since day one. And now to have it happen to me is just so aawh inspiring! I love seeing him in all the ultrasounds. He started as a little blob, to a jelly bean, to actually looking like a human. It is so amazing!
He will be named after his daddy and grandpa: Rupert Lincoln Dziuk
The first picture was taken at 12 weeks. The second is a pic of my first maturnity pants at about 15 weeks. They are so much more comfortable then the "rubberband" trick. I am now at 16 weeks...and growing :)
Here are a few things that have been happening since my last post.
Anniversay: I got stuck pictures to the end of balloons (4 = 4 years together) and wrote something I love about my husband that related to each picture. I also got him a few odds and ends gifts.
On our anniversay we had to get rid of Tupac :( Since we got him we have been struggling with him "marking" his territory. After his 10th second chance, he decided to mark our new couches! I couldn't take it anymore so we made the hard decision to find him a better home. We took him to a wonderful animal shelter that had high rates in adoptions. It was a very sad day. I spent the day crying because I felt like an awful human to get rid of him. Lincoln got a tracking number from the shelter so that we could look him up on their website. I waited about a week to do so. When I went to look for his number, he was nowhere on their site. I also noticed pets dropped off the same day and days after that were still posted. I have a super good feeling that he was adopted and to a loving family that can give him the attention he needs! He was such a lover and sweetheart. I will forever remember him!
p.s. we still have sweet Nikki! and oh how she has come out of her shell.
We are doing the nursery Dr Seuss theme. So far we have painted and acquired cute plug covers. Once we get the crib we can order the bedding. It is going to turn out so cute and I will post when we finish it. Below is a picture of Lincoln's old dresser that I wanted to paint yellow. It turned out exactly how I wanted! We are waiting on the Dr Seuss knobs to get here and then I will get a changing pad to put on the top. Hoping to get a cover made out of dr seuss fabric.
Here is a picture of the plug covers. We also got a lightswitch cover that matches. I posted the other picture to show the painting process. It took many many layers to cover the dresser to the right color.
Lincoln is still working for the Forest Service. He is playing city league basketball this winter. I'm still working at Guild Mortgage and this week I will start working evenings at H&R Block. It will be a busy schedule but I can't pass up the experience.
I think that covers most things that have happened since last post. I will try and update more often.