Thursday, December 1, 2011

Future Plans

I saw this on and loved it :) I want it to snow, once, so I can make my own! I bet Lincoln would say they were cute. haha he supports me in my random craftiness.

Bring on the Bachelors Degree! I will have my BS in Accounting very very soon. One more week of school and a week of finals. I am unbelievably excited and really proud of myself. I am definitely self motivated and accomplishing this makes me really happy.

The next step...job search and deciding where to live. Two super big steps in life!

We are debating whether to buy a "used" home or purchase a NEW one...Below are a few ideas of house plans that I have been looking at. I took a drafting class in highschool and I really enjoy looking at house plans. I could spend HOURS browsing :) I can't wait to start walking through demo houses. Bring on the Debt haha! If only houses weren't so expensive....

If you have been in my mom's house, you can understand that I would love to have Hickory cabinets....or possibly knotty pine? I believe that is what her pantry door is made out of.

In the above plan I would change to porch to a storage room (similar to my parents).
I really love this above plan. I would get rid of the wall in the laundry room so that the kids could drag laundry straight through instead of walking through the kitchen. I'm loving the closet in the master bedroom and Lincoln would love the den.

I really like this layout also. The snack bar on the corner of the kitchen is fun. I think I would use it as a decoration area....change it according to the season. I would also like to add that I won't have carpet in the dining room....who does that!? Its like having carpet in the bathroom...the mess is just not worth it haha :)

So those are my thoughts towards Lincoln and I's future plans. Nothing is set in stone. I hope that these next few years go smoothly and we all are happy with our decisions.