Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I just read Emily's blog and she posted the shows she watches each day. I had just mentioned to Lincoln the shows that I record on our DVR so I will share those with you :)
Dancing with the Stars
I really like Maksim, Anna, and Derek....I'm not really into any of the stars this year but it should be fun to watch the pros.
I use to like watching the Biggest Loser and excercising during the commercials :)
but now we have DVR which means no more exercising ha ha. (my bad) :)
Oh I have always loved watching Next Top Model! It is just fabulous! if only I was tall...
Project Runway is awesome! If you love shopping and fashion then you would also love this show. I'm so impressed with what people come up with. I wish I had the skills to make my clothes instead of searching the stores forever to find exactly what I want. Watch this one!
Mondo is one of the designers and I love, love, love this outfit he made on episode 8!
Oh I wish I was wearing this right now :)
Hope y'all enjoyed.
p.s. I'm slowly working through all the homework and quizzes and exams. Thanks to those that posted comments and encouragement for me. It really helped out a lot! With all this stress I noticed I'm a lot more emotional and, yes, I got a little teary-eyed noticing how much people have my back :) Thanks Guys--love you all!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What a Mess

I had a complete come apart today...complete mess! Wow my schedule is, work, life, etc... I just couldn't take all the stress today and so I just cried to my honey! (literally for like an hour) UGH!
So I decided to update (em told me to on her blog) This is my life in a list for the next week:
  • Accounting Homework
  • other Accounting class homework
  • a marketing paper
  • an Accounting Exam
  • a Power Point on the geography and culture of Switzerland
  • a geography Exam
  • reading of all the chapters for the exams
  • a wedding reception
  • an Assembly
  • the circus on Sept 24th! (this is a de-stressor)
  • work
  • cleaning
  • eating
  • sleeping
  • etc....

I decided that time is very valuable! and life is very stressful! When in highschool and living at home, I was able to do everything! and I mean everything! I now live in a stress bubble that I can't seem to tear out of....I set the bar high for myself in my highschool days, so it tears me apart to not be able to have everything perfect now! For those of you who are close to me, you know how I am about having everything done perfect and on time...grrr If only I was a more free-spirited person...

If anyone has ideas on how to de-stress, let me know :) :( or people who want to do some homework :)

{deep breath}


{another deep breath}