Thursday, June 28, 2012

Clay Springs Fire--Oak City, UT

The following is quoted from
"Clay Springs Fire grows to 30,000 acres
OAK CITY, Millard County, Utah — Oak City residents were able to return to their homes Thursday morning after the fast-moving Clay Springs Fire forced them to evacuate Wednesday. However, authorities say a wind shift could have them out again.
The Richfield Interagency Fire Center says the fire sparked in Clay Springs Canyon nearly five miles south of Oak City and has raged on, pushed by gusting winds. As of Thursday afternoon, the blaze has burned an estimated 30,000 acres and has no containment.
Millard County Sheriff Robert Dekker says that the town of Leamington may be threatened as the fire heads in that direction. He says evacuation orders may come soon while reverse 911 calls were made to warn the some 400 residents there.
“We notified them by reverse 911 and contacted some of the leadership in the community through the phone trees and different things to keep people notified and up-to-date,” said Dekker.
One cabin was destroyed and three maintenance sheds were damaged from the fire.
“We got damage to several other areas, some minor damage to some homes, but we only had one loss,” said Dekker. “The firefighters did a tremendous job. There’s no other way to put it.”
Residents of both Oak City and Fool Creek had to leave their homes on Wednesday, according to the Bureau of Land Management. Oak City residents have been allowed back into their homes, but they are told to remain on standby in case they need to be re-evacuated.
Evacuees are told to relocate to the LDS Stake Center in Delta (126 Whitesage Ave.).
A type 2 team was called in to help Millard County and state forestry crews fight the fire."
My dad put this panoramic together using 8 pics from their back porch.
This picture was from a news report
picture taken from my parents' deck
This is where Lincoln has been since it started. My cousin Matt is working on this fire too. And my other cousin Kenny is on another fire in UT. Thanks to all firefighters that are working their butts off to keep us safe! Come home safe to us!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hanging out with the Murphy's

I spent a lot of fun times with Bobbie, Ryan, and the kids so I thought I would share some fun photos. Ryan talked Bobbie into doing a 5k with the kids...she asked for my help. I loved it! Kaylin walked the whole thing! Even after falling down once. Tough Girl. And the twins were good the whole time. They had the best seat :)
The whole family came over to our condo to go swimming. We had a blast and I can't wait for them to come again.

Kaylin had a dance recital a while ago. Both sets of grandparents were there! I thought that was really awesome of them to show their support. I had been to one of Kaylin's practices and this was really fun to see it all come together. She did awesome! 

 I'm working on getting some "new home" pictures on this blog but I still haven't found my cord for my phone. It's a pain to email pictures from a phone. So I have been doing the small updates first.
If you mix Almond Breeze vanilla, Dole pineapple chunks, Dole pineapple juice, and some ice you get a very yummy drink! I think you are suppose to get the almond breeze coconut flavor but it still works with vanilla flavor. YUM YUM
 and...I'm going to try and piece together a quilt top. I have done it before with squares and rectangles but I'm really feeling a triangle pattern this time. Wish me luck :)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Reading Frenzie

I have read several books since our move. I finished reading the Hunger Games trilogy which I really enjoyed! Super easy read but it really holds your attention. The first book was by far my favorite. The second book I felt like was the ending of the first and the beginning of the last one. So I guess it is a good "bridge" book. The last 100 pages of the third book were really good. I also saw the movie and it was superb :) They did a really good job with it! I really hope they don't get Robert Pattinson to do the 2nd one though. He had his moments with Twilight and I don't want to see him in this one. I did enjoy him in Water for Elephants. (That's a good movie too). Anyways...If you haven't read this trilogy, you should! 

The next series I'm working on reading is Ender's Game. There are 14 books! I have read the first one Ender's Game, then Speaker for the Dead, and I'm currently on Xenocide. I read Ender's Game when I was younger and love it! Still love it! It is a book found in the science fiction section but I'm a huge fan. I'm going to read the books in order of when they were published although the chronological order is very different. I like to read it the way the author stubbbled upon to speak. I definitely recommend this series also. An easy read and very enjoyable no matter what kind of books you are into.

Oh and...they are making Ender's Game a movie! It comes out November 1, 2013. Although the date keeps being moved back. But they are in the process of production. Asa Butterfield is going to be playing Ender! If you don't know who I'm talking it :) Or if you have seen Hugo, he is the main character. Such a cute and talented kid! I can't wait to see him bring Ender to life. It should be pretty good.

As you may have seen on the side of my blog I'm keeping track of books I have read and the one I am currently reading. I never finished Crooked Letter Crooked Letter because I just had to read Hunger Games before I watched the movie. And as you can see I got side tracked. I also got a graduation present from Lincoln's uncle Ed...a nook book! That is in the line to be read. It looks/sounds like a good one! Thanks Ed!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

aah yes! finally!

We finally got internet in our new home! Since we purchased a condo we had to go through the HOA people. It's actually a temporary internet service until they figure out what they are going to do....the original company is mad at Payson city (long story) so we have been caught in the middle of the mess! As soon as I find my usb cord for my phone to download pictures I will start the multiple posts of our last few months of crazy! Stay tuned....