Thursday, February 23, 2012

Kitty Food

The kitties upgraded to 1-6 year old food! There is definitely a size difference. I think they are getting them confused with treats. They come eat everytime I fill their dish. Even when they are in the middle of their nap. Hope they realize its food soon so they don't get chunky :)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Superbowl Fun

Last Sunday we spent the superbowl at Becky and Dick's place. It was really fun. I told Becky I would bring the food and prepare the munchies. She made dessert. Here are the pics we took that day.
Dewey, Me, Lincoln, Grandma Ann
Dewey, Me, Lincoln, Grandma Ann, Becky
The munchies table
Lincoln and Dick getting little smokies, pepperoni wraps, and hot wings
Becky and I came up with this fun board idea. We wrote on the grass, "the Final score is..." and then we all guessed the score and wrote it on the little footballs. Dick won with the closest guess but after being crafty we didn't even come up with a prize! haha
Me and Becky
the Superbowl board
We had plenty of munchies! I put little flags on the skewers so that everyone would have their own to poke into the little smokies and whatever else. That way you don't go through a bunch of toothpicks. They are poked into an apple to hold them up.
Good game to the Giants and Patriots!