Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Recording at the Murphy's

Stopped by the Murphy's place the other night and we ended up making videos. Kaylin loved the idea! She is such a little actress :) Her video is of her playing out a part in the Tangled video.

Evan had this really cute laugh going on and I just had to get it on video!

Ashlyn is getting so big and can now walk with her stroller. I'm sure she will be walking soon!

Friday, August 26, 2011

I went school shopping yesterday and had a blast! This last semester I want to dress more business-like. So I have been on the search for chic, elegant, and casual work wear.

I found this LBD on and loved how she accessorized it.

This is my LBD I found at Gap. The material is just so nice...wish you could all feel the quality. I can wear this dress year-round depending on how I accessorize. Sorry for blurry pics. I take pics in the dressing room and then flip through them to decide what to get :)

I also found two really nice pairs of trousers. I can't even tell you how many trousers I have tried on in the past week, but I finally found some that fit nice at Gap. Gap makes three different lengths (long, regular, ankle) that I am a fan of. Since I'm petite the ankle hit me at the perfect length which means no searching for a good tailor.

Someday I will have a chic power-suit like Lauren Conrad :)

I'm glad I found pieces for my new business style and love not wearing jeans all the time! One thing I did forget to get is shoes...although I do have a few pairs of amazing pumps that will work. I'm sure I will want a few flats though for walking around campus.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

So I'm behind with my blogging but finally found an evening to blog. This will be a compile of pictures from a few weeks ago :)

Lincoln has been busy with fighting fires this year so when we have a few minutes together we like to relax and enjoy that little time. A couple days before he left for Texas again we went to the Fillmore canyon. I read my book and Lincoln took a nap on the picnic table. He snapped this photo of me...

I took one of him...
While I was reading, this little guy was stealing cheetos from the fire pit. Ha ha I totally caught him in this picture. He was super cute and fat :)
Then after a boring pic of just sitting there I decided to start jumping off the bench. It was actually really fun and made for some fun pictures.

Becky, Dewey, Kyler, Lincoln, Me, Emilee and Dave all went to Lagoon. We got free lunch thanks to Dick's work. And thanks to his work, we got in free! Yay! It was a blast and I'm really glad we were able to go. This is the only picture I got...all the others are on Dave's camera.

After Lagoon we went to a Real Salt Lake Soccer game. This is the second time I have been and it is really a blast. I like that good seats are not expensive so we are able to sit really close. I hope I learn the players names soon so that it can be even more entertaining :)

Kyler, Dewey, Lincoln, and Me!

Becky and Dick!

The boys in their gear This last weekend I went to Cousin's sleepover and Oak City Days. It was really fun too and exciting to see all the cousins! I will post pics of that later. (most of them are on my mom's camera)

School starts next week! I ready for my last semester?! Guess I will have to be!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

kitties, swimming, flowers, and some good news!

Our Kitties got spayed and neutered a week ago. They did really good. Nikki just had a little lump where her surgery was done but they both were back to jumping and running around the next day. As soon as the pain meds kicked in though, they slept REALLY well :)

Nikki above....Tupac below
Bobbie and Ryan invited me to come swimming with the twins and Kaylin. I was all for it! I don't make it swimming as often as I would love to, so I said yes right away. (Even bought a new suit for the occasion) We went to a fun pool in Provo that had a deeper pool and a kiddie play pool. Evan and Ash loved the water! Kaylin loved going down the big slides with Ryan!

I tried helping the kids with floating and blowing bubbles. Evan blowed bubbles really well...Ash drank the water...and Kaylin was worried that her face would go underwater, but she did blow bubbles a couple of times :) Evan loved floating on his tummy...Ash would rather be in the floaty...and Kaylin did really well for how nervous she got. I know with some time Kaylin will be floating on her own!

All done swimming!

I went to the Dentist today and when I got home Lincoln had got me some roses! They are from Ecuador and so so so pretty! I will take another pic when they fully bloom.

and for some awesome news...I made it into Beta Alpha Psi! Last semester I didn't qualify but applied again for the fall semester and got the email today that I made it! I have a lot of friends from school that are already in it and also some more that made it in this fall semester with me. I'm really happy for this opportunity and can't wait for the meetings, tutoring, and all the other awesome stuff to jump start my career as an accountant!