Monday, May 24, 2010

Bobbie's Diaper Party

So it has been awhile since this party actually happened, but I thought that pictures should be posted anyways :) My mom and I planned a diaper party for Bobbie and her twins! It was a blast! We had an amazing show up...plenty of friends and family came to support Bobbie.

Here are a few pics from the party....

Kaylin just had to help mom open the gifts. Before the party started and I was setting up, Kaylin kept saying that we were having a birthday party and insisted on wearing her party hat. (although she didn't wear it for long cuz mommy had put her hair in cute piggy-tails)

It's not a party unless you have people!
...and dirty diapers :) My mom came up with this game where you melt different candy bars in diapers and then guess what candy bar it was. It was a lot of fun and made a few people gag. We did the game right after I had got them out of the microwave so the diapers were gooey and warm...just like a dirty baby diaper :)
It's also not a party unless you have all the cute little ones... also need the decorations. I love how it all turned out!


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Color Me Mine

A group of us girls went to Color Me Mine in Provo today. It is a pottery place where you pick out your own pottery, paint it, and then they cook and finish it for you. We had so much fun! It really brought out all of our creative sides. This was definitely a good idea for a girl's day out!
This is Jerrica and Courtney starting out with their pottery.
This is Kaybri...she did a mug which turned out really cute! She wrote on it "a cup of Kaybri" I just love her personality and it showed in her piece.
This is Courtney's coffee mug...she did this really amazing tree! I loved it and think she has a really artistic side.
Kaybri and I
This is Hannah working on her Viking...she was inspired by the movie How to Train Your Dragon, so she did this amazing viking dude! Love it!
Kaybri and her amazing mug! I love the colors she used and the inside was super awesome!
Courtney and Hannah
Jerrica working on her plate. She was inspired by her love for her husband! They are just so happy together and you can tell because she is always thinking about him! Super cute idea! She had to make sure her lines where perfect. ha ha. silly girl :)
Me being a goober :) Do you like my dip bowls!?
These are my dip bowls almost finished. They have to be cooked and then we can pick them up on Monday!
Kaybri putting the finishing touches on her mug.
Oh Jer! Got to love her faces! This is her plate almost to be cooked. Tribute to Jeffers :)
Courtney and her amazing artist skills...look at that tree :)
Hannah and her viking. This guy is just so adorable. I don't think that was what she was going for but I just can't get enough of how well done he is! Great job Hannah! You got mad skills :)
The End. What a fun day! I'm really glad for the girls planning this day. I had a lot of fun!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

fun card making

It's Lincoln's sister Emilee's graduation from the University of Utah tomorrow so I made this really cute card for her! Oh I just love how it turned out! These owls just make me giggle. Hope you all love it too :) Now that it is summer and no school for the summer, means time for card making and reading and shopping and family time......and Bobbie's twins! ha ha Super excited for them to come!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Kati & Jordan's Wedding

Kati & Jordan got married last night! Oh they are just so cute! I was a bridesmaid so I got to hang out all night at this gorgeous reception. Her color pick was super fun and everyone looked so pretty, especially Kati! Lincoln came with and was very helpful with taking pictures. He also helped out a lot in the kitchen, putting all the plates together. He has mad skills :)

Kati & Jordan
Forever and Always
Kati & I
BFF's :)
Lincoln & his Kitchen Girlfriends
He spent so much time in the kitchen with these two, just having a grand time, that I just had to tease him about his "kitchen girlfriends" What a stud!
Lincoln was trying to get a picture of Tate but he kept running away, so this is a pic of no Tate, but you can see the cake and pics on the wall and the cute orange bowties.
This is me...and the beautiful bouqette!
Oh baby Ethan! (Kati & now Jordan's little guy) along with Kati's brother Bradley and Kati's friend/bridesmaid Allie.
Lincoln & I...remembering the good '0le days
Another pic of the beautiful Bride & handsom Groom
This is Tate! He finally posed for Lincoln. He is 1 of 3 of Jodi's (Kati's sister) kids.
Cutting the Cake!
Kati & Jordan are honeymooning on St. George Island, Florida. Kati kept telling us she was going from St. George to St. George :) Way fun! I'm super happy for these two and so glad that Kati found such an amazing guy to take care of her and Ethan! They are so great together! Congratulations Kati & Jordan & Ethan!