Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bridal Pics....a year later

I still fit into my wedding dress after a year! Super happy about that :)
Kristen Hakes needed a model to help out with her photography portfolio, so I decided to help out. She did a great job! Anyone that wants to volunteer, I'm sure she would be glad to have you help her out too. Check out her blog...there is a link on my blog list on the lefthand side or just click on the hyperlink.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Jazz Game

We went to the Utah Jazz vs Denver Nuggets game on Saturday the 2nd. Our party included Lincoln's gma Mary Downard and gpa Downard, Becky, Dewey, Lincoln and Me, Em and Nic, Becky's sister Cece and her husband and kids, and also Becky's brother Joe and Stacy with their kids. (sorry I didn't remember everyone's names. It was the first time for me to meet this side of the family)
Before the game, Dewey and his cousins went to the Jazz's warm-up during the day and got alot of autographs as they left practice. They were staying at Little America, which is across the street from the Grand American hotel where Denver Nuggets were staying, so they all ran over there, too, to get autographs from those players. They all had a blast even before the game started :)
Our fabulous night started with a dinner hosted by the energy solutions arena. The dinner room was set up for our party of 22, and was postitioned between the player's family's room, the press room, and also the opposing team's locker room. So you could say we were the center of attention :) While eating, Deron Williams walked by our room, Lincoln asked for his autograph and D-Will said politely, "not right now". Lincoln was pretty bummed but we will keep trying for his "John Hancock". Also, Brewer ran by twice and gave Dewey a high-five the first time and nuckles the next. Dewey was the only one he acknowledged. :)
One of Joe and Stacy's sons had an allergic reaction to something he ate. His face broke out in a rash but he was breathing fine. So while in the tunnel, the E.M.T. had to run over to help out. Turns out that I had a Benadryl in my purse so I actually was his rescuer ha ha
The next step of our awesome night would have to be my all time favorite! For anyone that has gone to a basketball game, you know that the players have a warm up before the game starts where they shoot around. Well....we got to stand in a line while the players came out on the floor and give them all high-fives and 'go-fight-win's! It was way fun to see them all that close up. What was really funny is that most of them held their hands in fists and all stiff like they didn't want all us crazy hicks to touch them. Ha Ha. Loved It!
Lincoln's gma bought the family tickets, row 16, 18, and 19 behind the hoop in lower bowl. And then gma and gpa got row 6 tickets! Since we have season tickets, we put our seats up for sale. They didn't end up saling so during the first quarter I ran up to the upper bowl and found a cute couple to bring down to the lower bowl! It was way fun to surprise strangers like that! My friend Sammi was there also at the game. I haven't seen her since her wedding so that was really good to see her.
Here are a few pics of our night...
Dewey and Lincoln
Lincoln in his D-Will Illinois Jersey (he played there in college) and his cute grandma!

The Jazz Bear cheering on the fans.
Go Jazz!
This is where our seats were positioned