Sunday, January 29, 2012

Handmade Nook Cover!

I'm going to start this post off by saying I am so proud of me! haha For most of you, you already know that g-ma was an amazing sewer along with many of my aunts. So when I saw this tutorial I really wanted to 'just do it'. I rarely ever sew and have never done a zipper before either. The tutorial seemed pretty simple though. If that link doesn't work then you can find it through my pinterest board "Nook" and if you don't have pinterest then you should leave your email in the comments to this post because it is amazing :)
This was my first time sewing a zipper and using stabilizer. Neat stuff! Here are a few pics I took after I was all finished!
I was really excited after I finished (like 5 minutes ago) and couldn't wait to share my accomplishments :) I bought some really cute teal buttons but sadly, I have never sewn on a button! That will be the next learning step.

Friday, January 27, 2012

So I got hired on Monday, started working on Tuesday and worked everyday since. I'm really liking it and can't wait to start understanding the process. There is A LOT of paper work when getting a mortgage loan....who knew?! haha If you know of anyone that is looking to refinance or get a loan, let me know! Gregg Driggs does business from Fillmore/Richfield/Delta area clear up to American Fork/Pleasant Grove area.

Monday, January 23, 2012

back to work

Yay! After 3 interviews I finally got the job! I will be a receptionist/personal assistant for Guild Mortgage Company. It looks like it will be a good job and a great opportunity to grow with the company. Hopefully I will start training thursday...I will keep you guys posted :)

it's snowing :(

Monday, January 16, 2012

Poor Kitty

I took Nikki to the vet today because her eye was all swollen last night. The vet said she has a bacterial infection and gave me some eye drops. She walks around with one eye open :) Poor kitty. Hope the drops clear it up.
This weekend we decided to go to Wendover for a night. We ended up winning $650! It was worth the trip over :) Then we came back to slc the next day, went to Sherlock Holmes, walked around South Towne mall, ate at Little America, and then went to the Jazz game! It was a fun weekend!
This week I have an interview! Yay! and tomorrow I will get a call from another place to set up interviews. I'm really glad I'm finally getting interviews! I'm hoping that I get one of the jobs but it's hard to say. The one email I got was sent to at least 13 other people! Hopefully my degree gives me some sort of edge. Cross your fingers for me :)


Monday, January 9, 2012

New Computer :)

I'm still working on getting rid of this cold! Drinking liquids and taking it easy. The last couple of days I have actually done my hair and put at least mascara on. I feel more alive if I look put-together :) I don't ever remember getting sick for a whole week! Okay so this probably sounds like complaining but seriously, I rarely get sick! I get frustrated because it really puts a damper on getting stuff done (like those dishes in the sink haha).

The real reason I wanted to post today is......I got a new laptop!!! Aaah and I love it :) Here's the specs: Asus model X53E with intel core i7, windows 7 premium, 4GB memory, 500GB HDD, 2-USB 2, 1-USB 3, 10-key, 15.6" screen, and other fun stuff like CDROM and such. This new laptop is much faster than my original Dell. Lincoln bought it for me from RC Willey. Thanks hun! He also picked himself up an iPad2, which he is really liking! So far I have set up my favorites bar, downloaded some anti-virus software (AVG), checked e-mail, blogged ;), installed Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010, updated my resume (now that I have an up-to-date Word program), browsed the web, and currently listening to pandora! I'm very pleased with it!

The job searching is still in progress :( So far I have looked on,, and a few others. I have sent my resume in to 9 different jobs. Only two have responded that the position has been filled. No responses....hope is dwindling.... :( I need to think positive but I really just wish I had a job. I'm going to go spruce up my cover letter and see where that gets me. Any tips and/or jobs you know about would be appreciated!

ttfn (;

Friday, January 6, 2012


I don't think I have blogged since I finished school...I am DONE!!! Finals went pretty good. I studied like crazy and turned out with pretty good grades. UVU only does one graduation "walk" a year which will be held in April. I believe that is when I will receive my actual diploma and Kati got me a really cute frame to put it in! Im looking forward to hanging that on my wall :)

I tried the 'rub-on' nail polish thing the other is the pic. They turned out pretty cool and it was super easy! No waiting for them to dry! They have chipped a little since I have put them on but no smudges haha I guess there is no way to get a perfect mani, that lasts.
A few weekends ago we went to the RSL Winterfest. The general manager and some of the players spoke, there were prizes given out, and locker room tours. I have posted a few of the pictures below. Enjoy :)

Our season tickets are the five seats by the "L" in Lake. You can kind of see the papers that are over our seats in this pic.

The RSL locker room is a lot bigger than the Jazz locker room and RSL also has their own weight room attached.

Then after RSL we went to SLC to see the Jazz scrimage game. We got there close to four so that we could stand out back and get autographs from the players. It was so freezing cold! So I ran over to the gateway and got starbucks :) After getting some pretty sweet autographs (Memo even stopped...even though he got traded right after this night haha) we headed to the front to stand in line. They wouldn't let anyone in until 6p.m. so we had stood outside in the freezing cold for TWO HOURS! My body was sore from shivering! The game was really fun and it was neat to meet the new guys.

Since that weekend we have been to a few Jazz home games and have enjoyed watching them win. The thursday before new years Lincoln and I went to Bobbie and Ryan's to play games. It was really fun! and Kaylin even talked to Lincoln haha She is usually scared of him. Ashlyn just glares at him and Evan plays peek-a-boo.

Lincoln got a cold on monday (and still has it) and I got it on tuesday night (and still have it)! I don't ever remember having a cold this bad! I had a super bad fever and painful body aches! We went through a whole bottle of robitusim! I'm hoping we are better soon cuz this is no fun :(

Hope everyone else is doing good and staying healthy :)