Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Off To See The Dentist

Yesterday I went to the dentist in Delta. Walking into Scott Stucki's office was kind of nervous for me. I really like going to the dentist and having that really clean feeling when I'm done, but this was a whole new place and with people I didn't really know. I think that makes anyone nervous when you don't know what to expect!
Lincoln was taken back first while I filled out paper work for being a new patient....finally I was taken back. Jim Warnick's sister was the one who took my x-rays. (ha ha yeah I don't remember her name) She asked me who my parents where and she knew my mom as a Christensen because she was the same age as Evelyn and Nadean. She told me that my Grandma Christensen was such an honest and sweet lady. She always knew that when she talked to her that she was sincere and always told the truth. It was really nice to hear that from another person because I always thought that about my grandma too. She must have really made a difference in alot of peoples lives! :)
While waiting for my teeth to get cleaned, Lincoln was finished with getting his filling. He came into my room to see how I was doing. What a sweet guy. I think he could tell I was nervous. Sandra Topham was the lady who did my cleaning. I knew her before because he husband, Tim, was the one who took my bridal pictures. That lady sure knows how to dig at your teeth! My muscles where tense the whole time and I had sweaty palms. Aah! I don't know how I survived. She told me while she was finishing up to swish with warm salt water and take an asprin! Can you believe that...never in my life have I had to take pain meds after the dentist! And I did end up taking asprin and four hours later, taking some more :) ha ha She was right...I would need it! She did an amazing job though! She is very thurough and you will get what you pay for. I have little pieces of stuff that gets caught up around my gums and causes them to be really sore. Sandra was the only one who has ever dug those little pieces out and today my teeth feel fantastic!
So after the cleaning and Scott coming in to check on it, he tells me that I have no cavities! yay! I wasn't expecting that good news because my top right teeth have been hurting. whatever was hurting them, Sandra must have dug it out :) Then I mention to Scott that when I got an x-ray at the chiropractor we could see my wisdom teeth. He decides that we should take a full mouth x-ray to see what those wisdom teeth are up to. Better to get them out now because they will hurt more when I'm older...so people say. After taking the x-ray and looking at it Scott says that they definitely need to come out. They are growing in where they will start pushing on my teeth. So come July 9th I will be getting all four of my wisdom teeth out. Yay for me! I thought I was nervous going to the dentist, now I get to go have surgery in my mouth! Way Scary!
That is the latest news with me. I will try to update more often but it just seems like I work, eat, and sleep. Ha ha I'm working more hours to put some money away for school books. Thank goodness for my scholarship or I wouldn't be going to school. My next post will most likely be about getting my wisdom teeth out :) until then, y'all have fun