Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


We are in the process of purchasing a Ridgestone Condo in Payson! We have signed the purchase contract; picked out cabinets, tile, carpet, countertops, etc...; and started processing our loan. I can't wait for it to be all done. Below is a picture of the model home we walked through. We went with the same cabinets. Our countertops will be a similar light color but the tile on the floor will be darker. More pictures will come when we actually have ours built!

So I have been working on de-junking our little apartment. I went through my closet over the weekend and got rid of a lot of clothes that don't fit or I just don't like anymore. I can't believe I was able to detached from clothes! I felt like I needed an intervention like on hoarders :) Causes me anxiety to get rid of stuff that I once was crazy about! But satifaction of a cleaner, more organized closet sounds much better.
Our linen closet has been FULL of puzzles and I knew that I needed to go through them. Today I tackled this project!

These are the puzzles I kept (64--because the big packs on the end have 10/each)
and these are the ones I'm getting rid of (32--1/3 of the original stash)
This puzzle has never been open. I believe that one of my aunts got it for g-ma for christmas, ?maybe. If YOU are reading this and recognize this puzzle, I would be glad to get it back to you. Otherwise it will stay with my new stash. I know it had some sort of sentimental value so I can't get rid of this one :)
After going through my puzzles I decided that I really would like to organize them further. My first thought is to put them in boxes that are ALL the same size so that they stack much easier. I did a quick search and found the above picture that I really like but the downfall is that they are NOT cheap and I need 64! haha Eventually I hope to come up with some fabulous idea. (if any of you come up with one before me, let me know!)
I made this for Wendy's baby shower coming up later this month! Got the idea from pinterest :)
and I wanted to share this picture. Aaawh Nikki sleeps with her mice

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Jazz Signing

This post is a few weeks late but worth posting anyways. We stood at the back of the ESA before the Jazz players came in to practice and were able to get some autographs, one-on-one time with players, and pictures! The other day we got pretty much every player to stop and take pics with us! It was Millsap's b-day, February 10th, and Lincoln got his "Millsap" jersey signed! He was pretty happy about that (as you can tell from his picture).

Coach Ty Corbin
Paul Millsap
Gordon Hayward
Enes Kanter
[so I am really white but the lighting on this pic makes me look like a ghost haha I will need to do some editing on this one....oh and Kanter winked at me ;) ]
Earl Watson
Devin Harris
Derrick Favors
CJ Miles
Al Jefferson
Alec Burks
p.s. the diamond earrings that Lincoln and Dewey are wearing are not real haha They thought it would be funny to wear! It was so funny watching them try and put them on (they were magnets). Their ear lobes were so sore after that night :)