Sunday, April 21, 2013

Fabric Shopping and Nursery Painting

 Almost there! This picture was taken at 29 weeks. I am now 31...which means single digets left 9 weeks!! I remember when I was only 9 weeks along. I have had the typical pregnancy side effects still...heartburn, fatigue, mood swings, feeling super chunky, almost can't paint my own toe nails. Those sort of things :) I would like to share an experience I had in case it helps other mommies out there. A few nights ago I woke up to go to the bathroom (usual) and had a super super bad pain in my right side. I could barely roll over. After I went to the bathroom it seemed to feel better. So I went back to bed. The next time I got up to go I had the same pain and it seemed to go away after emptying my bladder. Then I had it again when my bladder got full and relief after going. I called my doc who had me come in so that he could check a few things. I didn't end up having any of the scary things that can the little bone on your pelvic colapsing which could cause similar if not worse pain. He did let me know that when I sleep on my right side, Rupert's and the uterus weight on the drainage tube from my kidney to bladder gets smashed all night while I'm sleeping and it can cause pain when I go to the bathroom since it wasn't draining properly. The cure...sleep on my left side, use a pillow to prop my hips up, and if I wake up on my right side to switch back to my left. This has helped so much and I haven't had that super bad pain since. As all mom's know, pregnancy really takes a tole on your body and there are multiple things that don't function right :) I guess it is just trial and error to figure out what makes these 40 weeks more comfortable.
Yesterday my mom, Aunt L, Bobbie, Emily and Mia came with me to go fabric shopping for Rupert. We got some really cute fabric and I can't wait for the finished project! Such a fun day and I am thankful for my family that was able to come shopping with me. And thanks Aunt L for your next many hours of sewing time!
 The above fabric is for a receiving blanket and burp rag. I was drawn to certain type of fabric/designs and I noticed that they were all the same designer/brand! Riley Blake. I never thought I would have a favorite fabric designer.
 The above fabric is all Dr Seuss! The red striped on the left is for a changing pad cover that I asked Aunt Evy to make for me! It is going to look so awesome in his room. The other fabric is cotton so Aunt L is going to make me some bibs out of them. They are going to be soo cute!
 This fabric is for a nursing cover.
The Dr Seuss minky is for a bobby cover! The other fabric is for a carseat cover with the lime green minky on the backside. And the jungle animal print is for a receiving blanket and burp rag.
I think we did pretty good fabric shopping! 
 I put the fabric on the changing pad just to give you an idea of how awesome it is going to look!
 Clothes clothes and more clothes! The above pic is pictures of clothes my mom brought me. I am in love with those striped overalls! The bottom pic is clothes that Rachelle got me. Thanks Rachelle! Lincoln is going to love the spongebob outfit :)
 The bedding! It is so dang cute. I have two different crib sheets...the other one is cat in the hat.
Check out the awesome Lorax trees. They turned out sooo adorable! Thanks Becky! Once it all dries I will have the crib up next to that wall so that the Lorax is peeking down on him :) His nursery is the best room in the house. I had Becky paint the grass on the wall underneath the window. It turned out perfect.
Thanks to everyone for your help this weekend! Couldn't have all this great stuff without you! And thanks for the fun memories and good times.

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Eve said...

So fun!! I am excited to make the cover for you!