Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I'm almost there!

38 1/2 weeks! Anytime now and we will officially be parents. I told Lincoln today, "we can't give him to his parents when he cries or stinks....he is our responsibility now. So crazy" I don't think it has fully hit me still. This is going to be so crazy being parents. I'm excited but a little nervous as well.
Since I haven't posted in quite some time, this will be a post of picture overdrive :) Enjoy
This last weekend my dad invited us all down for a BBQ. We went shooting, BBQ after, and then played cards till late that night. It was a blast and we had a lot of fun. My grandparents came to Utah so that they would be here when Rupert gets here. It was fun to see and hang out with them all day.
Grandpa Cull, my dad, Jacob, and Lincoln
Look how funny I look shooting with a huge prego belly. My dad sat behind me when I shot so that I wouldn't fall backwards. You can't really lean forward when you have a belly in the way.
Jacob was such a poser when I took pics. So funny! 
 Roxy and Grandpa Cull

 Vader--he loved being able to run where ever he wanted! As soon as we pulled up and let him out, he ran, peed on a bush, ran some more, marked another bush, and ran some more. If only dogs could talk, Vader would be so funny!
 This Dr Seuss blanket was made by my boss's wife. It is made out of minky and is so so soft! Love it!
 Wendy and Julie took me on a mani-pedi girls day out! It was definitely needed. Once you can't bend over to paint your own nails, it comes in handy to have someone else do it!
 Couple weeks ago Wendy and I threw Julie's bachelorette party. It was western theme and turned out really cute. Here is a pic of the party table we put together. Julie's wedding is this Saturday and yes, I'm a bridesmaid. It will be interesting to see if Rupert arrives after a busy/stand on my feet all day Saturday. Would be cool to give Lincoln a baby for father's day :)
 Now on to the fun baby stuff! Here is the bassinet I ordered. I really like how it goes with the rest of the condo. It took me forever to finally decide on one. Most are all fluffy and girly. I found one that will work for either gender even though it is predominately blue and brown.
 Here is the swing that Lincoln's aunts got us. I love that it doesn't take up too much space and is portable.
 Here is the rocker chair that my mom got us. It is so cute and turns into a toddler chair later on.
Aunt L made me a Dr Suess cover for my Boppy. It turned out so cute! 
 These pics were taken May 15th and May 29. They are my most recent snap shots besides the pic of me shooting last weekend. I can't believe where I started to where I am now! Crazy how fast you can gain weight haha Oh yeah, and grow a huge belly!
 Lincoln got me this custom made necklace for Mother's Day. It has our birthstones on it. Mine is the emerald on the bottom, then Lincoln's is the peridot, and Rupert's is the alexandrite at the top. I love it so much!
 This is my diaper bag that we ordered from Potterybarn. It will have RLD on the front :) but it doesn't ship until the 16th. I believe it is worth the wait!
and the Nursery is finally done! Look how cute it turned out! The painting done by Becky turned out fabulous! She did such an amazing job
 Looks like I am all update except the baby shower pics. I will post those later...getting tired and ready to put my feet up :)

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Esther Lynn said...

You are adorable! Congrats! The nursery is adorable!